Jennifer Norman

i am ... a wife, a mother, a daughter, a sister, a friend and a new dog owner. i like typing in all lowercase. i love paper, ribbon, scissors and finding unique was to use and play with them. my husband thinks i hoard these supplies, however, i prefer to think that i am just an aggressive curator. i've been known to design wedding and social invitations, business collateral and personal stationery. i especially love to find the perfect gift and then wrap it perfectly. my motto is to never underestimate the gift of a prettily wrapped present. i look for inspiration in the everyday often overlooked details. i get lost on pinterest for days. i'm dedicating this year to taking better pictures and posting them here and on instagram. i often pick my at outfits from the bottom up because i am shoe obsessed. i have some amazing friends i can't wait to introduce you to. oh yeah, i will never have enough japanese craft and design books! and if you haven't noticed i do not enjoy looking at the camera!!